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At Blueberry Bears, we think it is important that your child feels cared for and that you have a personal point of contact. This is why we allocate a Key Worker to every baby and child during their settling in period. The Key Worker will be responsible for providing any one-to-one care your child may need and they will provide the feedback at the end of the session. The responsibility of the Key Worker is also to complete observations on your child. This allows the Key Worker to plan activities to extend your child’s development and learning. By asking you to work with your child’s Key Worker we aim to ensure that there are no gaps in your child’s development and we are able to provide tailor-made care.

We also operate a Buddy System here. This is a second person that knows your child, their routine, likes and dislikes – that can step in if your child’s Key Worker isn’t in for the day. You child will feel safe and secure knowing there is a second person to turn to.

Specialist Daycare Services

The aim of providing key workers at Blueberry Bears is to ensure that your child feels individual and special within the day to day demands of nursery. Each child develops a close relationship with their key worker, which means your little one feels safe and secure with us.

The key worker system is also designed to allow you to build a professional relationship with a key point of contact. This means you can enjoy peace of mind and the opportunity to build a professional relationship with a key staff member who will keep you up-to-date on your child’s progress and needs.

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